junk syn DISCARD, scrap, molt

i am finding it extremely satisfying to scavenge through jars,boxes and drawers. hunting and gathering cast off bits and trinkets to attach to chain links and pieces of forgotten jewelry...changing and rearranging for pleasures sake. i really don't think of these pieces as jewelry, accessories would be the tag i would choose. not precious,but very dear.
only at screaming mimi

upper level disturbance

                                              duck & cover,hang on & let go.

right sized & simple

firstborn stuDio ear bobs at screaming mimi
beginning march 31st

stuDio scrap for the greater good

i am gathering the goods for my upcoming trunk show at screaming mimi
on march 31st. if you haven't been to this new,wonderfully whimsical
and delightful shop now is your chance! i have been busy creating a
fine mess in my studio and will be offering one of a kind accessories
and a sweet gift with purchase while the supply holds out!