my loves del giorno

reflecting on those things that bring me joy,today.
~picasa 2: to soften my deeply etched crow's feet.
~the kiddybox: found only at rockpaperscissors.
~botanical papercutting by virginia rose cane.
~i am imagining displaying my cd rotation on this.
~the drawing of a woman from the inside out.
~what would i fill this birthday sock with?
~papertrail pluckyfluff....just say it,pure joy!
~letterpress numerology @ 529 cards .
~bihrt and rescue remedy{thanks,pat!!!}.
~the felt club fellowship.
~this pottery.
~creating my own customized spray paint.
~reform school...rules!
~arms loaded with these bracelets.
~these lovely specimens{thanks,corey!!!}.
~music to my ears:syd matters,the wailin' jennys,
& corinne bailey rae .
~fear of flying ,what was old is new again.

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Cindy @ Too Too Faux said...

Wow...the kiddybox is cool, I need to take a trip to rps soon...and the "woman from the inside out" was truly awesome. Now I need to go back and check out a few more. Thx d for the entertainment! xo Cindy