little fat french knots...weeee!

how could a french knot be the bane of my
existence? well,it was...until well meaning
friends,pat,nancy & kay(aka mom) each
shared their simple tricks for this technique
with me. [forever grateful,girls!]
these fatty knots were started on
this postcard announcing the new photography
exhibition at the foundry art centre
featuring the work of:
donald horstman
sia aryai
marion noll

must see.

must to knot by [to buy].

the be good tanyas

sasha dobson

erin mckeown,
to pick up the pace.

1 comment:

Kelly Feraro said...

Denise, these are ALL spectacular! I particularly love Erin Mckeown. So upbeat! I am wondering how you hear about these marvelous artists. Do tell!
Take care!