say what you mean

sometimes there is just no nice way to say what you mean.
for over the past year i have been holding back the urge to
use fowl words and expressions in my art...what do you
suppose that means AND does anybody else out there feel
that longing? i find it somehow refreshing amidst all the "nice"
art these days.
these folks aren't afraid to let go:


Artist in Progress said...

Go for it. I have and although it feels uncomfortable at first, it's so right on.

Karyl said...

"Fowl" words? Is that why there's a picture of someone flashing the bird? Oh! Maybe it's why everyone is putting birdies into their artwork!

You just let loose. If we can't handle it, it's our problem. Won't bother me a bit, girlie! I do like that 16 Sparrows site...

sf said...

One of the quotes I use on my new website - launching this week -
contains the word "bi**hes" - I wonder what some people will think, but in the end, the quote is right on.
Thanks for lovely surprises, darling!

Ellen said...

You go, girl! There are some things that only foul language can express.

I met with my doctor the other day, a lovely woman, who suddenly laughed and said, "I love it that you swear so much!"

In that spirit, I fully support you in using any words you want in your art!