studio friday/creative roots

mom,aunt b & aunt j photographed by becky fierberg

my creative roots run deep,my mom sat for hours with
us drawing,coloring,cutting & pasteing...i watched her in awe,
at her singer with miles of fabric,pins and thread...i still sit
in wonder and amazement at the things she creates and the
ease in which she does it.she and her sisters,my aunts,between
the three of them there is nothing they can't do...creatively,
my dad is also cut from artful cloth...his real passion is

photography but he can work wood,play a mean acoustic guitar
and has a beautiful voice,OH!and way great penmanship!
my paternal grandma crocheted like nobody's business and
could wield glue and the thousands of seashells collected on the
gulf shore into fascinating boxes,cones and orbs...and cut a
really great paperdoll!
mom's mom,who just turned 100 still sews for a cause...
birthright,and bakes the most delicious cookies for the holiday
i am so lucky and so inspired!

thanks studio friday for jogging my memory!


Becky said...

these broads are a hoot!

Lina said...

You must be very creative with that family :) I so admire your mum's mum!
Thanks for sharing.

APlanet4Creation said...

What a great picture!

ornamentea said...

What a wonderful photo of the three sisters. Just love it.

naomi said...

Wow, your creative roots run deep.

firstborn said...

how wonderful...& for you to continue the tradition!

Anke said...

Hey, this pictures is so great! And wow, your grandma is 100 and still so active, I hope she is staying like that a lot more years! Thanks for sharing your roots.

Ouissi Gresty said...

This is a great full of laughter & happiness...

Ouissi x

heidi said...

i love that photo...

i also love that they are holding the cab card i got from you and beck that day. it is hanging from the door knob in my dining room. a daily reminder of my valuable friendships with the two of you gals!