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a most delectable sandwich...thanks,chloe!

nancy connelly's 2005 chunky artvent journal

very cool card samples for an upcoming workshop @ rps

closeup detail of becky's tag

a good started the day off right by making
me the most delicious tomatoe & cheese sandwich on
this really crunchy good bread from great harvest....a
very toothsome taste treat!
pat and cynthia came by to catch up on "business", pat
& i are going to do a workshop together this saturday at
rock,paper,scissors and we needed to do just a little tweeking,
we will demonstrate techniques for pages that can be put into
the "pageless portfolio" that pat taught a few weeks ago.
cynthia aka TOO TOO faux brought samples of what she
will be doing on the walls of rps this weekend...OH MY! you will
want to make a special trip to check this out when it is completed
early next week,cyn's work is jaw dropping gorgeous. she also shared
that she started up a new blog just for her and her art....called
me and my art...i know she would love to have you stop by!
THEN,nancy came by with that beautiful nancy smile,toting (always
toting something good)her 2005 artvent fabulous this is,
and thoughtful and FAT with goodies!nancy has also agreed to teach a
fall workshop featuring her paper weaving expertise...that i for one will be
at front and center!(no karyl,i did not learn this in k! smarty!)
when i got home,there was a manila envelope laying on the counter from
webster groves from my pal,becky ....she is celebrating one year blogging
and had a drawing of one of her way great tags...I WON this one!!! thanks,b,and
here's to many more fruitful posts!
that's all for now,folks!

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ornamentea said...

Thanks for all of the links in this post. I am enjoying exporing them. Best to you.