ARTvent/day five

this is missy jaycox's fabulous gift! how completely precious
is this?! completely,completely! wonderful composition and
that image,that face!i love the whole package!
thanks so much,missy!


Lisa Cook said...

This Artvent idea sounds really cool. You will have to tell us how it was set up - through the store? Good idea! Thanks for sharing with us each day's surprise. That way we can be voyeurs and enjoy it with you!

many hugs,

Nancy said...

THank you so much for posting the Artvent pics. I wasn't able to participate this year, but now at least I can stand in the fringe and revel in everyone's work.

firstborn studio said...

dear lisa!
it is an idea put together by the tireless karyl howard for a group of paper arts artists in st.louis and surrounding areas,the idea was born early last year to take place in the dog days of have a special something to open each day of the month of august...not at all unlike an ADvent calendar in december!i was lucky to get in on it this year and am having a blast with it!