studio friday {artists uniform}

here it studio uniform,always without
exception,the baggy,comfy,frayed gap jeans
from a million years ago and this week,because its
been a bit chilly here in the midwest,this
ratty v-neck sweater with an even ratty-er tee
underneath (so i have something on when i rip
the sweater off in the event of a hot flash) and i
always have my rubber clogs on in the studio....
there may be stray glass shards,pins or other
sharp objects from my last project i want to avoid!
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wendy said...

Hi yes i did make the slippers their wet felted onto a last....we have the same uniform-sweaters and`s a link to the site where got the idea from...

thanks for stopping by

tine said...

What a sparkly uniform you have! Hooray for jeans!! the older and lighter blue jenas are the better I think.


JUST ME said...

OHHHHHH COMFY just right for all that art making going on.


heidi said...

ooo...what stories those jeans could tell!


becky said...

a comfy uniform! thanks for playing!

kate_always said...

thank you for the link about glass shards - they look like fun - I think I need more glitter in my uniform...Kathy

la vie en rose said...

looks comfy!