a little culture

it was 50 degrees,i had the day off and nothing better to do,
so h and i took our cameras to u.city and soaked up the
abundance of heady culture that is the loop!
we grabbed a plate of red beans and rice at blueberry hill,
popped in and out of the library,the craft alliance where we
saw the curious teapot exhibit[van gogh & dali just to name a
few "pot heads"],we had to go to rag-0-rama and came away with
a few pleasing garments,then for the main treat we stopped into the
subterranean bookstore to view mary beth shaws one woman
show there...wonderful place for a show of such fabulous art!!!
we had a good old time : )


Becky said...

looks like a fab/fun/fantastic mother daughter day!
I love the Loop too. Great photos btw.

JUST ME said...

Why don't I know about the loop???? What great atmosphere. Reminds me of the North side of Chicago. I miss those north side days.......Part of me would still love to be single and just hanging out with the girls in my kind of town Chicago.

heidi said...

we spent some of saturday in the loop! did you make it to the chocolate store? next time you'll have to check it out! i have a gift certificate i've been hoarding for weeks, but can't bear to part with. also, don't forget to look in the comic book store...they have loads of independent hand drawn comics/zines! wonderful inspirational!

la vie en rose said...

sounds like the ultimate date with your inner artist!