spt [personal history]

october 1965 photographed by phil k.
i remember this "photo session" with my dad.
he had just gotten his new 35mm and had
captured me on film arranging my rock collection
in the lid of a shoe box...i was always so fascinated
with these images,because they seemed so "raw"...
not really posed,hair unkempt and me unaware of
my surroundings,lost in amazement with what was in
front of me....natural.
i placed one image over another for this installment of SPT.
my personal history.


Becky said...

the beauty of youth and that joyous sense of wonder-wouldn't you just love to have a bite of that again? xxxb

la vie en rose said...

i love these and i love how you chose to layer them.

melanie said...

what a great memory... love the layered images and those bright, curious eyes!

liz elayne said...

this is beautiful. I love the layered images...and your words.

heidi said...

you look exactly the same...so determined...so "in the moment."


steph said...

I love this photo, and the story behind it!

Holly McCaig said...

Great SPT - I keep saying I need to do this!

Tine said...

Just beautiful Denise!!!! What a great treasure to have with fond memories!

Stacie Rife said...

BEAUTIFUL picture!!!!
You should be so grateful to have this picture to cherish forever!!!
I LOVE IT, so innocent!