studio friday {retrospective}

2005 it has been quite a year...
full of creative growth,celebration of life and a few bitter pills.
the bitter pills have been choked on and swallowed and there
has been sooo much to be grateful for{in no particular order}~

my precious mom in law continues to do well,even thrive,after two
devastating brain stem strokes in july.
grandma turned 99 in june,still living on her own and employed at
the nursing home to take care of the "old" people...this woman ROCKS!
there was that hgtv"that's clever" experience....what a hoot.
sarah came to visit,with seppy & the big boys,what fun we had!
i took home a second place ribbon and cash prize for one of the pieces
i had in the american art alliance show at the union in june...
[thanks to pat & annie for your support to do this!]
i collaborated with good friends...
with my soul sister,nancy,[top left]for the art for a cure fundraiser
in october.
bgf becky and i met every wednesday evening for 2 months to stock
our booth for the saturday monday sale , organized
by the amazing heidi.....looking forward to next years event!
helga submitted the atc ornaments that i made for her & james' july 04
wedding,to somerset for their first "a somerset wedding" book and i was
published on page 107 and in that same book a collaboration put together
by lisa cook on page 164...a very cool wedding gift for the newlyweds helga
and james!
another somerset studio publication "transparent art" was published and
i was asked to submit work for it, my slide mount frame was even featured
in the "jump start projects" article by jenny doh!
the 2006 ARTplay calendar is now available and my "4 U " collage was used for
the month of february!
i look forward to meeting steph in kc and revisiting my amazing art sister,carol in
chicago in the coming new year...maybe even finally getting together with carla,mary
and marie....
i have had a blast participating in studio friday !!!!!!


Becky said...

what a wonderful, positive, inspiration you are---looking forward to our ahsc-(teehee)
lotsa lerve to U---becky

Marianne said...

Best wishes for 2006! I hope this year will bring you even more creative joy.

*I wish I had a grandma like yours... she really sounds amazing. A real inspiration :-)*

steph said...

I love your post....... love the collage image you've posted. I look forward to our friendship growing and getting the opportunity to meet you in real life!! and
Prayers to your MIL to continue to heal!

Artist in Progress said...

You rock, girlfriend. I hope to see you 2 in 2006, my place or yours?? I hope the new year is bright for you and me, 2. Cheers to another year full of art and friendship, love you.

becky said...

Sounds like an awesome year! Amazing how much stuff we can cram into 365 days! Hope next year is all you imagine and MORE!

Linda said...

you really inspire me... I'm so glad I know you! Happy New Year to my new "old friend" !

lisajo said...

I feel so strange leaving a so don't know me, and I can't remember the path I took to your blog, but I've been very inspired by all you do, and check back often. I was looking at this posts' collage...and there is sarahf!!! My internet art buddy from a few years ago! You guys inspire me to get my groove going again!

heidi said...

what a great year you had and deserved! i'm so glad i got to know you better and look forward to a fantastic 2006 being inspired by you!


Sarah e.Smith said...

Sounds like you and yours had a busy and fabulous year! I hope this year brings you even more success and happiness!