winter gifts from good friends
i love how this played friends becky,pat & carol
gave me fabulous,wonderous gifts after Christmas...and i love
that! the stress was gone...only sisterhood,good company and these
amazing gifts!!!

pat and i spent the day breaking bread and walking the main st.
in historic st.charles...she presented me with what is now my new
studio muse...the adorable "lil' prankster"gund bear & other great

becky and i met at our meeting place...barnes & noble,and she
gifted me with the most perfect charms,with the most perfect
messages tucked inside of one of her magnificent mittens...and,
becky created theeee greatest "snow cone"that had a beautiful charm
on a ribbon made by cathy flesher tucked inside thoughtful.

carol and i will get together soon...but until then carol sent the most
jam packed box of paper and embellishments one could only dream of,
really cool file,out and limbo and a to die for faux croc clutch!

i adore each one of these gifts that i was given....but,i'm gonna get sappy here...
i adore these three genuine,thoughtful,kind,stunning women.....they are the real gifts.
many thanks,girlfriends!


JUST ME said...

Lucky you..... Great gifts Denise....



Artist in Progress said...

how lucky we are to have a friend like you, o, gifted one. It was my pleasure to treat you with goodies for Christmas. Love you, 2