spt [personal history]

for me,
for some reason,
this is a big part of who i am
and at this point in my life,
seeking to understand is an important
factor in getting past and moving on,
for crying out loud.
i am grateful that self portrait tuesday came along and that
this "passage" in my life has this creative outlet to help
me with my personal history.


monicalee said...

I like this post. Interesting how things can impact us. I think it is very important to recognize turning points in our lives. I belive that is the key to really "moving on". PS the jeans are from the store Rue 21

heidi said...

each tuesday you inspire me with the new ways you create a photo representation of your-self!


la vie en rose said...

amen! i'm so grateful for spt and the entire blogging community i've discovered along the way.

Beth said...

denise...You are so inspiring. I would love to know more about SPT. I now have my own blog (because moving wasn't enough to keep me busy) You can find me at www.seasidedreamer.blogspot.com
Thanks so much, Beth
Also, can you let Sharon know I have my blog. She asked if I had one that she could add to the Redlead list.

Lost Aussie said...

Hang in there..new phase, change and challenges..always make for new friends, newfaces and the opportunity for those who know and love you to give you more hugs and support!!

kelly said...

hmm...we are supposed to get past and move on, well holy crap - thats my problem!teehee. if only i could work on that everyday and feel like it is working

...happy friday

kate_always said...

I don't do SPT but your thoughts sum up how I've felt about Studio Friday and even Illustration Friday. They've helped me get moving again, move forward after a hard time. the community I've discovered has been amazing. Thank you!