fierberg-lombardozzi fire sale

cab card du jour
"white Christmas"

"white Christmas" 5x7 {sold}
by denise lombardozzi
$10 + priority s/h $3.85

latest addition above: {sold}
jingle belle 4.5x6.5 by becky fierberg
$10 + 3.85 s/h

prices cut!
becky & i would like to take this opportunity to offer our
fab,fun,one of a kind highly embellished cabinet cards to you
at a deep discount...just in time for the holidays!each lovingly
altered cab card is just $10 plus priority shipping(usa) of $3.85!

from left to right:
1.season's greeting character 4x6.5
2.merry christmas 4x6.5 cheer 4x6
4.when i grow up 3x4.5 {sold} first 4x6.5
6.precious 4.5x6
7.suzy snowflake 4.5x6.5 {sold}
8.white christmas 5x7 {sold} favorite 4x6.5
10.playtime 6.5x9
11.sugar plum 5x7 {sold}
12.wish 5x7 {sold} 6x8 {sold}
14.better not pout 4x6.5
15.made with love 4.5x6.5
16.leader of the gang 6x8
17.she meant business 4x6.5
18.happy hanukkah 4x6.5
19.kind 5.5x5.5 {sold}
20.faithful 4x5
21.a dream come true 4x6 {sold}

you may choose the paypal option
or the check/money order option
please email with questions or requests
thanks alot!


Becky said...

Denise- Put Jingle Belle up there too- the sisters cannot be split up!

firstborn studio said...

oops...b,i forgot!take a photo of jb and send it to me...i will post it here!

vicci said...

Denise...Oooohhh and Aaah!!!! I love Jingle it for sale????? Thanks...Vicci

firstborn studio said...

hi vicci....sorry,yet happy to say that jingle belle has 'bout one of the others?!

sf said...

you didn't do any wintery alterations of little girls with braids?