spt {reflective surface}

"many people look my way,many
pass me by...in moments of
reflection i wonder why......"
leon russell "magic mirror" song lyrics 1972

December challenge: reflective surface
The december challenge is a bit easier,

coming up to christmas where everyone is so busy.
But on reflection (ha ha) this challenge might be easy
to take an image, but it does require some thought
and some planning.So first the challenge:To take an
image of yourself in a reflective surface.The reflective
surface can be a bathroom mirror (the most obvious),
but try different things like a window, shiny car bonnet,
still pond, or be adventurous with your mirror images -
use a handmirror in different locations, take advantage
of public mirrors. The other thing to do is to use the
mirror to reflect not just your face but memorablilia that
might add to the story.


la vie en rose said...

this is perfect and the quote is so fitting!

ana ventura said...

wonderful portrait