studio friday {what was i thinking?}

it was july 17th,2005....a steamy hot st.louis summer day,my dear
daughter's 15th birthday,the week my precious mom in law
was hospitalized after suffering 2 strokes and a tv crew
came to call..what was i thinking?
well,truth be told,"thinking"wasn't part of it,that day,i was on
auto pilot....i tried to do what i was directed to do and i am here
to tell you....i am no actor! i can tell you what i was feeling.....
fear,panic & humility with a dash of mania added for survival!
my episode air date is this wed,dec.14th at 11am & 4pm on hgtv's
"that's clever" show. the crew was here for 8+ hours and my
segments are no more that 15 i said before,an actor i
am not!
my friends, chris young , kate valleroy & marianne baer
did great jobs on their episodes,but assured me that it was just
good editing...i am skeptical to say the least...what was i thinking?
{studio friday}


Mary said...

Cannot WAIT to see your segment!! I'm sure you did fine, that you and your wonderful art shine like the bright light in all our lives we've come to love!!

xoxo Mary

Becky said...

I am sure you were thinking that it would be a boatload of fun! Thanks for posting this so that I can remind Kelly to Tivo!!!!!
Love ya. B

Joy Eliz said...

Wow!! I've set my DVR to record. Can't wait to watch. And I love the old photo with flowers for hair.

Marie said...

Somebody better tape it for me...Denise???Mary?? Carla????
else I will hunt you down with my boomerang!

Lisa Gallup said...

Can't wait to see it, Denise! I've already put a post-it note up so I don't forget! :)

Artist in Progress said...

Hey, nervous Nellie, you are going to be great. I know you can't act but the 50 millions viewers don't. lol Can't wait, I have several people watching it, 2. And of course I will be taping to watch over, over, over, and over again!!!

erilyn said...

i wish we had cable so i could see... sounds like fun!

Idolatrieartist said...

I am about to do this show (I think)... They put me down for January 14-28 to film! Uuugh... what was I thinking! Heeee I am tickled for you! I am sure to be watching!

Any suggestions you can give me would be SO helpful- I have NO idea what I am getting myself into!

Jane Wynn

Anonymous said...

wow, good for you. You were really brave doing this!

JUST ME said...


I will also be watching. I will make sure I don't go anywhere that day........... Can't wait


Anonymous said...

WHEE! Just found out via Carla on Live Journal that you are gonna be a TV celeb! Looks good on ya girl!

ciao for now ... Jen Worden

Sarah e.Smith said...

Wow! How cool! Did the show contact you or did you contact them? I just sent them an e-mail to be on the show ...keeping my fingers crossed. I would love to hear about your experience..please feel free to e-mail me

Thanks :)