a collection

seth got me thinking about collections...stay tuned
to his blog to see why.
this is a teeny smidge of the collection of family photos
i have been blessed to gather over time,and it is no small collection
believe you me,the results of a large family!the fellow on the right is my dad,in the
garden and a school mug,the babe on the left is a great, great
aunt(maternal).i hold these images near and dear to my heart
and protect them fiercely.do you have a collection to share?
leave a comment.........


nancy said...

Hey Denise, I love my old photo, you should cherish the one you have!. It's nice to see how the "gene pool" works. I've found some interesting similarities looking through old photos. It's truly amazing!

nancy said...

sory, I ment the "ones" you have

seth said...

Beautiful collection and how wonderful that both the photographs and the people in them are "yours." Thanks too for the link to my blog. Glad I triggered some creative thinking!