a collection of one

my beloved plastic toy snail,ever reminding me to slow
down a bit.
i have decided to start my own little series of "collection"
posts...i gather many things,so stay tuned for the next installment.
you may even join me if you like...just leave me a little note and i will
come and take a peek...


nancy said...

Hey Denise,
that snail really gets around!
Now you got me thinking!!!
look forward for more, Nancy

JUST ME said...

these are fablous pics....Wonderful little snail. My boys would love it.



seth said...

Great montage!

Joy Logan said...

HI Denise love the pics you used!

Morna said...

I love your snail. It looks so sophisticated! I wish I knew how to do a block of photos like yours. Very nice blog you have. Great links, too.