between raindrops

image from monrovia

i,along with my strapping fabolicious
hubby removed two beloved pines that
had seen better days and were begging to be
put out of their misery. these were honkin'
pines,so they left gapping openings in our
need for privacy.
we set out to rework this area and are well
underway in the process. first on the list was
to go to this wonderful nursery and scope out
a dense evergreen that would eventually fill
in the gap...we chose,with the help of lovely rita,
the canadian hemlock shrub- "An excellent choice for a low-maintenance hedge or screen. Many dense branches form a bushy column of evergreen foliage requiring little pruning. Retains dark green foliage color through winter." : )
we brought home three of these. i love them for their
electric green tips (new growth) and the teeny cones that
they will eventually produce. i also like the hemlock family
of trees,most of which have a dr.seuss quality like this one.

while at sherwood's forest i
found these amazing hanging
baskets to plant my trusty annuals in!

just thought you should know!

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Michel said...

Love those baskets - so exotic- looking!