spring cleaning

i had to have these way great clogs.
i bought them at art effects in chicago on a shopping
trip with my pal,carol last july.
i have never had them on my feet.
i was rummaging through my closet the other day and spotted the box.
i made a snap decision to set my ebay shop up again...it has been three years
since i have bought or sold there...i had to change names yaddayadda
after my son used my account,somehow my password or id got changed
.....long story.....anyway,you may be the cinderella
i am looking for,have a look-see here.



Artist in Progress said...

Oh no! Those clogs are a memento of your visit to Chicago, how can you let them go?? But you haven't worn them either so I guess its okay.Don't you just love all thoe things you had to have, most go to charity or in your case Ebay.

Love ya, Carol

Nancy Donaldson said...

Hey Denise, love the clogs! but would break my neck or some other bones if I evern tried them on!I'm sure some will snatch them up quick!
BTW did you get my e-mail on brushes. I resent it twice, Nancy

firstborn studio said...


it feels good to purge in the spring cleaning respect.
i will be sending these off to new york very soon!