what to do

....hmm. what to do when you have stacks of photos?

take one *simple deep black box,scraps of various papers
and a minimum of wherewithal to create a home for
numerous collages using your original photographs...
a gratifying twist on scrapbooking. technique laden.

this was a workshop i led on saturday and will be doing it again
in the fall.however if you can gather a group of friends,we can get
together whenever you like for a *private class....a guaranteed great time!

*rock paper scissors


Nancy Donaldson said...

Hey Denise, love the photo and the layout. I've sent you an e-mail about the PS brushes I've used on my blog, it was too much info to post here! Let me know if it helps,
Nancy Donaldson

thealteredpage said...

These look great!

a-tom said...

super! I like it very much!!!

Cindy @ Too Too Faux said...

Hi d, Had a great time at the Memory Box class...it got me motivated to process my Holga pics. Check out some of my Holga fun on www.meandmyart.blogspot.com if you haven't been there in a while. xo c

Joy Logan said...

These are wonderful Denise! I have been looking all over your blog,my you have been busy! All those publications you've been in too,wow. Impressive remembering how far we have all traveled since atc days,lol!