out to play

holga image/st.louis basilica grounds

"no hurt survives for long
without our help, she said

& then she kissed
me & sent me out
to play again
for the rest
of my life."

brian andreas, Traveling Light

StoryPeople on youTube


mary[fran]cesfoster. said...

your holgas come out great, and i cant get mine to develop :(
props to you, they are a bit frustrating!

A bird in the hand said...

I'd forgotten about Brian Andreas...I love his words and squiggly drawings.

storypeople said...

I know you wrote this ages and ages ago, but I've been excited for weeks - ever since I KNEW we were animating Out to Play. There's SO much stuff to get all serious about - and believe me, we've had plenty of it lately, just like everyone - but playing? That remains key.

Beeeooooteous photo! Are you a photographer by trade?