short attention span post

seems all i have time for these days.
but i like to keep things fresh,so here are
a few of my recent holga images,with and
without a bit of tweeking.
see my ARTSMITHS article here

cemetery in boschertown
6cmx4.5cm format,multi exposure

brody at rps
6cmx4.5cm format/unretouched

the grand theatre in alton,il
6cmx4.5cm format/solarized in ps e


Cindy @ Too Too Faux said...

WOW denise...these images are awesome. And you're already an expert at developing prints (did you get a 4490?) love it...xo c

firstborn studio said...

hey cynt!
no on all counts!
i had these put on a cd and opened them in photoshop.
these are images that i snapped BEFORE the workshop,hence the rectangular format...(which i like too,but i am enchanted with that square format the most!!)
we REALLY need to get down to Allied Photo soon!