the plastic camera in a nutshell

"michelle's toys"/holga/denise lombardozzi

this is an image from my contact sheet from the toy camera
workshop weekend i shared with some very generous,lively
folks over at the foundry art centre and the st.charles community
college photo lab.
so much information was laid out to be had,it could have gone on
and on for days,weeks,months and i would have absorbed all that
was so freely given!
i am working on a little "article" for the artsmiths blog that will be
loaded with links,ideas,thoughts and a few of my amateur images.
look for it soon!
in the meantime,special holga thanks to michelle bates & mark fisher!
michelle bates/flash holga
denise lombardozzi

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mary[fran]cesfoster. said...

i was bummed i missed this...
can't wait for the article!