shake & wake

Statement as of 5:25 am CDT on April 18, 2008

"An earthquake has been felt moderately by numerous persons across
Missouri and Illinois. Persons have reported their homes being
shaken... and pictures and small items being shaken off
shelves... but no structural damage or injuries have been reported
at this time.
The United States geological survey has indicated that an
earthquake magnitude 5.4 on the Richter scale was centered at
38.520 degrees north... 87.873 degrees west or about 7 miles east
of West Salem Illinois. This is 128 miles east of St. Louis Missouri.
Any further information will be made available when it is
received from the National earthquake information center in
Golden Colorado or the United States geological survey."

about 4:30am-ish,the time my kitty usually goes berserk on me...chasing
her tail and kneading my hind end...all of the folks in my home came
stunned into the center hall,thinking that the cat was indeed the culprit
of such a shake up in each of our rooms...but then the shaking came again
and ended,just like that.
a very unnerving feeling.
a wake up call.
another one day at a time reminder.

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Sara said...


Wow....that would be scary to me! But then we have tornadoes (lots) in Oklahoma and we get use to hiding in the closet. But the best way to live life is in the present. I think you have that figured out!