not alone

today's reminder
"a natural faith is indeed a gift, yet it is never
denied to those
who feel the need of something
to cling to and are willing to reach out for it.
when i consciously
surrender my will to GOD'S will,
i see faith at work in my life." -odat

i will take comfort in unwavering faith,
for without it i am helpless and alone...


Heather's Haven said...

Hey Denise! I miss seeing you at Dierbergs! I keep peeking in the UPS store, but haven't caught you yet. Hope all is well, and I'll hopefully run in to you at RPS or UPS soon! Have a wonderful week and enjoy the sunshine!

Regina said...

Hi Denise,
I second those thoughts on God's part in creativity. Having a little faith has never let me down.
BTW, I noticed on another blog that you had taken a class from Anahata at Artfest. *sigh* I've been trying to get into one of her classes for 3 years now, unsuccessfully. Are there any of her techniques that you can share with me so I can at least try to spread my wings a little?