ps elements pre-school

still playing,still learning.holga photo altered in ps e 3.

vintage cameras

crumpled paper
mechanical fun


mary[fran]cesfoster. said...

!ooOOoo look at you go!
you're learning quickly! your overlays are subtly nice and i love the crumbled paper...A++

here are some other places you should check out to download some free textures/fonts to play with:
- -

- -
check out misprinted type's work also; one of my favs. have fun! if i stumble across more, i'll shoot you the links. :)

JUST ME said...


You are an awesome ARTIST......Love all your new photos..... Of course I will come and say goodbye before I leave. I saw Michel today and told her that I will defintely go say goodbye to you before I leave in June.

Love, Angelica