little green apples

spring green loveliness 4 me
...other delights 4 u

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Julie said...

I think I may just have been inspired by this. It looks amazing and so much more depth and interest than the original photo. hmmmm... wheels are a turnin'! Thanks for this and for letting me know ;)

Lorelei said...

Loving your BLOG! Got here from South Street Designs. Julie has some awesome pieces in her shop! You bought a really beauty!

I'll be back to read each day. I love what you are doing with photoshop.
*taking mental notes!

Lorelei :)

Erika Tysse said...

Thank you, thank you - my mommy just arrived with my new favorite tool and some lovely little cards from you. Can't wait to find time to use it! Also, can't believe that I have managed without it! You're the best!

Laura said...

Little green apples...ooh how tantalizingly delicious this is!

Creatively Yours, Laura