art of a certain age

"jim" circa 1975

i just came from a visit to fran's blog and her
post about printmaking.
i have such fond memories of my printmaking
days back in high school and the remarkable
woman who taught us all she knew and then some.
at one point when i thought i would become an art
teacher,it was because of her influence.
a lot of time and life has passed.
out of the many prints i made and blocks that i cut,
one lone piece is all i have left from that era.
"jim"was one of my firsts...i believe woodblock.


mary fran foster. said...

thank you!
ahhh i loved it too.
i really, really want to take more print classes. if i'm able to find the time for a class, i'll let you know and maybe you can join me.

sad you only have one peice left, but "jim" is very nice!!..that looks like maybe a wood block print??

...and about the tutorials, you should check out, i can email you the login info so you don't have to join.

Jen Worden said...

How serendipitous talking about printmaking, Denise. My Art Challenge for this week is making monoprints. Come on over and join in! :D