a magical hue

the vip party for the rrcs artists,sponsors & friends was last night.
what a hoot.
these girls reeeeally know how to create a heady atmosphere,they have
gathered a wide and varied range of crafters that will knock your tightly
knit socks right off!
they did mine.
i came home with a bag full of outstanding goodness and a heart full of cheer,
and a full belly after a fabulous dinner at frazer's with tom.
some night's take on a magical hue....last night was one such!

items in my bag included:
  • "rudy" a generously stuffed,lovingly stitched bird by mitch huett a silly man who owns a cool st.louis shop called panorama 314.772.8007 [located here]
  • "super spy" mint flavored cyanide capsules....necessary stocking stuffers!
  • fuzzy,frazzled black kitty by "surreal estate"
  • various buttons and a photo strip from a trip to the photobooth

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Pretty Fun said...

Your photobooth pictures are ADORABLE! I can't wait to go shopping at Rock , Paper, Scissors tomorrow.