two stinkin cute

goblins from my past.
i wish my inner goblins were this cute.
i will imagine that they are!


sf said...

Thanks for letting me play your game.
Okay, now. Use Firefox as your thingie, not safari or IE.
Go to the place you ceate a post.
Above the box where you write in is a little toolbar? Where you can "bold" or pick a color, or change the type size? maybe 4 or 5 over is a little green icon that isn't really an apple probably, but to me it looks like one. (There is a little b&w written thingie superimposed over the top.)
If you click on that, a box should drop down that you can fill in your url.
I am late for the dentist. Call me later!!

sf said...

YAY! Hidden links rock, and now you can stick them everywhere!