trust that all is well...

..halloween houses for the upcoming atc guild meeting on
wednesday night at rock paper scissors
this is karyl's theme and i must admit it had me stymied,
but intrigued.the twelve artist trading cards will be 3.5x8"
in size and we will attach them to one another to create one
long howling house.i finally got my inspiration when i was
browsing for stamps to buy for stocking the shelves at rps
i found this one in the paperbag studios catalog and find the
possibilities to be limitless...leave it to roben-marie!

a side note:i am looking forward to welcoming nancy curry to
our already eclectic,creative,artsy,cuckoo group of atc sisters at
wednesdays meeting!

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Lisa Gallup said...

Hey, Denise! Long time, no talk to! :) I LOVE that stamp of Roben-Marie's! I bought it as soon as I saw it on her blog - soooo versatile! Hope all is well - I am jealous of all of your RPS doin's! lol Have fun! :)