fifty fun

i spent the day yesterday with pat & corey,it just happened to be my birthday!
it was a perfectly gorgeous fall,a little breezy,sunny and fresh.
corey started my day off with a wonderful,warm corey hug and smile at the backdoor of the shop.
then she gifted me with theeeee most fabulous "scarflet" that she knit and crocheted {it will be the perfect companion for me all winter and look smashing with that new boiled wool wrap!}i love it!
hannah came by to deliver my mail from home...a 5 inch high stack o' birthday greetings and a honey of a hug from her! XO's 2u h!
dear pat made a grand entrance with the BIGGEST bunch of fun balloons i have seen...imagine small scale macy's day parade...and the cutest teeniest [thank-you for that!] chocolat' birthday cake,she presented me with this "toy" that i have been longing for and the most beautiful bracelet!
i enjoyed a lovely,relaxing dinner with corey & pat at the vine on main.
when i got home i opened the gift that carol sent me,a box filled with all things completely desirable! a felted polka dotted pouch with a juicy $50 borders gift card inside,a very fun charm bracelet that will go rather nicely with the one pat gave me and as is carol's "special touch",two know..50? there was also a large moleskine watercolor pad in the box, how swwweet is that!
thanks,sweet most favorite gift though is you!

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