desirable object & more on the way

it started with my friend,pat,as is usually the case.
she is theee objects of desire aficionado.the seeker & finder of all things way wonderful. ; )

a few months ago pat taught her famous paste paper technique at rock paper scissors.
she had all of her marvelous tools for us to use,among them were these honkin' great
wooden textile blocks...i spent most of the class monopolizing them and wanting them
for my very own...sigh.
months had passed.

then the other day pat sent me this link
i am the proud owner of #22 {isn't it gorgeous?}
more are on the way!
visit rachel at her etsy shop for one {or more} of your very own....then bring it to one
of pat's paste paper workshops to share with's nice to share...i'll share,too!

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Kelly Feraro said...

Hello, lovely! We have a Mac here at the Feraro's. I'm not very computer savvy but do use HTML to add links to my blog. I don't know if this is at all helpful, but here's hoping!
Take care!