strange folk machine

...i am on an arts & crafting roll,and enjoying
the productivity very much! i spent the day
yesterday at rock paper scissors finishing
up the second batch of paste paper to be used
as scrap samplers and atc & inchie blanks to
sell at the upcoming,much anticipated,highly fun
strange folk festival on sept.22 in o'fallon,il.
hannah came by and jumped in the fray effortlessly
creating some of the most gorgeous painted papers
{this from a girl much to busy with life on life's terms
to even think of being did her a world of good!
and made me very happy to see her having such joy!}
i am soooo grateful there is a place like rps and corey the
owner who is so gracious and giving with her wonderful
workshop is so freeing to spread out to make such a
yummy mess,such a luxury to wrap up in! thanks,dear friend!
oxxoxoxoooxoxoxo 2U dd!

1 comment:

MB Shaw said...

How lovely you and Hannah could paint together. What a beautiful way to spend a day :-)
Haven't seen you forever girl!! Ditty Bops is Thursday at Mad Art if you are so inclined.
I want to come to Strange Folk but I am waitlisted for Plaza (in KC) so I will have to see....
Take care,