for your wrist

i have taken to a new design...something for your wrist
this fall! i enjoy the brooches i have been making but was
thinking i would like to expand.these are my first two
"prototypes"...the rest will be variations on this theme!
i would really be interested to know what you are thinking,
or maybe what you would like to see...input,ideas,inspiration?!
:) thanks~


pat said...

denise! ADORABLE!!!!!! lOVE THEM, and you! pat.

Artist in Progress said...

Too cute, love 'em. Maybe you might want to make a few that are narrower so that maybe someone (like me) could wear 2 at a time.
Will look great in fall colors of pumpkin and forst green, or bright and splashy for the xmas holidays and new year. Just a thought.

Christelle said...

Lovely, as always! I like the idea of wearing 2 at a time, also.

firstborn studio said...

thanks girls...
i will be creating smaller versions,that will be more "bangle-y" than "cuffy"!
thanks for your ideas & compliments,they mean alot to me coming from the likes of you three!
hmmmm,i see your lovely wrists be adorned in the future!

Kelly Feraro said...

Denise! Everything you do is sooo fun, totaly cool and creative!

sf said...

Peachy keen! Totally. Love them!