rx for refreshment

-my focus,just for this moment......

..."empty your mind of all thought.then admit to it a single idea,
and concentrate on it for a whole minute.let it be a simple thing
you can picture in your mind-a rose of specific color,an empty
bowl you imagine yourself filling with bright fruit;a tiny sliver from
a new moon.think of nothing else but that one thing and don't let
anything else intrude.the minute will seem like an hour,but at the end
of this concentrated thought,the tension and confusion will have
drained away,and you will be better able to cope with the present

today's reminder

troubles grow bigger as we spend more time thinking about them.
i will interupt such thoughts with a meditation whenever their weight
is too much for me.it will calm my thinking and put my difficulty into
proper focus. ~one day at a time


Violetswalk said...

This is really beautiful, Denise. I recently learned Guided Imagery (finding my happy place). As I was guided, without any preconcieved idea, I found my happy place to be under the canopy of sunlit aspens in my front yard, with my protective shell being a domed purple light. It was very powerful. Your blog entry has served as a wonderful reminder.

Pat said...

Wonderful, Denise!

Karyl said...

Ooohhh...you're good, Denise! I'll work hard to remember your wise words!

Michel said...

What a fascinating effect effect you have achieved here. I must go meditate now...

steph said...

very cool 'thought for the day' girl! i just emailed it to a girlfriend... i know she'll appreciate it ;-)

love the photos/effects. i forget about that fab little tool!

Ellen said...

Ah, trees.........so beautiful, so resilient. Wonderful thought for the day.

The only time is now!

Roxy with the Moxy said...

Great Denise, thanks for sharing the concept. We all sometimes just need to "be still" for a moment during our busy lives.....
great looking family!
Sandy Haynes