pat's fabulous books from daniel essig's workshop last weekend,
a delightful show & tell at rps yesterday!

" I am not thinking of connections one might feel to other
"great artists" of the past or inspiring, high-profile contemporaries,
but the connections that help keep you happy in the studio. Artist
friends you get together with for critiques or just coffee and supportive
conversation.For instance I am in a group of four women who get together
for all of that, plus find venues to occasionally show together, and we encourage
each other in every possible way. Maybe you are part of a class or group that
gets together to try out new techniques once a month. Or do you have a beloved
teacher you still talk with on occasion who helps you feel connected to and
strengthened by your past. Isolation can cause fear and despondancy: the artist
alone in the ivory tower is often the one who commits suicide or stops working!
We are all interconnected and honoring and recognizing that is an immense comfort
and inspiration and source of strength for me, and I am sure for others too."
~ Nancy Bea

it has been many weeks since i have participated in studio friday.
today i checked in and found the above prompt and felt moved to respond.
i feel very fortunate indeed to have an intimate group of sincerely caring,
nurturing,divinely talented,giving{and hilarious!}artist friends,who
encourage and support one another[you know who you are!].
we meet regularly to connect,show & tell,break bread or whatever the day calls for!
for a boost in between,on any given day,i can go into rock,paper,scissors soon as i walk through that 100+ year old door,i am home,in an artful cocoon
and am liable to see more than one of my cronies....ah the connection!

thanks,nancy bea & tine for this reminder!


Violetswalk said...

Denise! This is, indeed, fabulous! Did Pat use a real leaf? The color is so vibrant and I love the shape.
; 0 ) Kelly

naomi said...

Oh how blessed you are. I would love to be able to walk through those 100 year old doors.

Anonymous said...

That look so great, enjoy many more projects together!

kerrip said...

great art & good friends, what more could a girl want? ... except maybe a treasure trove like rock paper scissors. yummy

irisz said...

that's look very interesting!!