last year at this time becky & i were putting the finishing
touches on the swags,altered cabinet cards,glittery discs
and becky's signature mini woolen mittens,that we were
going to have for sale at our space at the saturday/monday sale.
a truly great collaboration....sooo much fun....very theraputic!

however,i swore off circles and diamond dust as the last swag
sold that fateful day! BUT,not for long! soon after that i
began making them for all occasions or no occasion at all,"just
because" has long been a motto i wholeheartedly subscribe to!
soooo,i have taken to leading private and public workshops
at rock,paper,scissors on the art of the timeless garland!
the next session will be saturday dec.2nd at 1pm and
for just $25 you can create your own newest obsession!
it'll be fun!


kel said...

thank you for the birthday wishes mommy 3!!!
love love love

oh and by the by, i got new shoes :)

danielle muller said...

love the garlands!

steph said...

i wish i could come to your classe! i so love these garlands