a simple sampling

sam-pling. -n. 1.part as representative
of the whole.
i am truly loving the process of getting ready
for the upcoming saturday monday sale. each
cabinet card embellished & altered,each swag
assembled,each sprinkle of diamond dust is
pure enjoyment...but the best part by far,is the
easy,uncomplicated collaboration between
becky & i....all in the name of fun!
i lift my glass to simplicity!!!!


ntuart said...

b-u-t-ful!!!!! luv it!

JUST ME said...

Same some good stuff for me Denise. I want to buy, buy, buy.

Just kidding. I really am going to try to be there that day.



firstborn studio said...

hey girls!
thanks loads for the sweetkind words!
fyi...we will sell NOTHING until the day of the sale,dec.3rd...so mark your calendars!

Becky said...

but of course, we are dying to keep practically everything for ourselves! :-)

heidi said...

i am so pumped up by your enthusiasm, ladies! so glad i'll be there, in person, to "get" the goods!


la vie en rose said...

love this, love this, love this...and yes, here's to simplicity.

Artist in Progress said...

Pretty, pretty. Hope you and Becky sell all your pretty things.