this is the turtle crawl inn formerly known as cook's holiday lodge,
where we stayed (uppermost left side) 25 years ago.that space
was occupied so we stayed in the uppermost right condo.
we rented a little 19 ft. boat and took it out on sarasota bay
one day and this gorgeous creature came right up to amaze
and delight us!later on that day we spotted a dozen more
playing in the water...what a site...what a treat!

this is a map that has hung on the wall by the entrance to
the office of cook's for as long as i can remember..."tacky" goodness!

working on 25 more years,one day,one kiss,one challenge at a time!


Michel said...

What beautiful pictures! It's great that the two of you could get away to the place that holds such meaning for you. Here's to the next 25 ...!

Artist in Progress said...

aaaaah. aint' love grand!

How sweet, great pictures, love the dolphin, 2.

heidi said...

you two were m.f.e.o. (made for each other). congrats on a quarter century!


tiffinix said...

Congratulations - 25 years! Wowzer!! What gorgeous and sweet pictures of you two and your vacation!

Cris said...

I love this picture of you two. I mean I REALLY love this picture!! Wishing you both many more wonderful years together. xoxo