birds & wOrdS...the beginning

tonight is the official first meeting of the atc guild...
yep,the artist trading card guild,held in the
rock,paper,scissors workshop
each month a guild member will demonstrate a
favorite technique and choose the theme for the next months
atc offering.we have a core of amazingly talented,enthusiastic
artists/swappers at the ready!
the theme for the first swap is birds & wOrdS...carol mollica
sent her fabulous set from chicago,lovely blackbirds with a little
twinkle in their eyes!mine are of the pink sort,i will add the others
for your enjoyment!


Artist in Progress said...

Thanks for posting my atcs, gee, they look good on your blog. I love your pink eyed ones. Glad my bids and words delighted you!

P.S. Wish I could attend the meetings but I am there in spirit, don't you know?

nancy said...

Love them all. So happy to be with this group. Thank you every one for the contribution to A Place to Bark.

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ ) said...

These atcs are beautiful !! Great work ! I let you a comment plus a mail about rock paper scissors products, did you received it ?? Have a great meeting tonight :) Smooches from Belgium !!

Karyl said...

The whole collection is wonderful! Thanks!

Jenny Holiday said...

Hi there!!
My name is Jenny...and I just found your fab blog recently! Love your work! I look forward to visiting daily for lots of eye candy!! Thanks for sharing!!
Happy crafting!
Happy Blogging!
xoxo Jenny

aquagirl809 said...

Loved the beautiful photos and the article in the Lifestyle section of today's Post-Dispatch! What prestige to be on the cover! The ATCs are gorgeous! You girls are having so much FUN, and I'm enjoying you vicariously on your journey.

tiffinix said...

I love them both - great colors! Awesome ornamental look to the top ones and yours are so fabulously textured plus those sewing lines are awesome!