meet sam

sam came to rock,paper,scissors today to photograph
an artist trading card how-to for the st.louis post dispatch,
should be in the lifestyle section early fall.i still need to do the
actual interview,but sam was a great man to work with,he truly
was interested in the atc phenomenon and "got" the whole concept!
there are soooooooo many ways that an atc can be done,so many ways.
it was hard to come up with one idea,the one constant is the size...
that is the easy part!
thanks nancy & corey....oh,and thank-you,sam!


nancy said...

Just way too cool. I am so happy that they came to you. I will anxiously be looking forward to the article. Let me know how the interviewing goes. You will love her and she you. Congrats. Oh someone told CreativeUnderground.

mary boyer said...

Congrats!! I hope you share the article with us - how exciting!!
xoxo Mary

lindaharre said...

How Exciting........So happy for you! Can't wait to see the article! You go girl:-D)

angelica torrez said...

This is wonderful......:) angie