ARTvent/day twenty-four

handstitched by kristen winter,i adore this,i hung it
on my work table lamp and after reading kristens
explanation will use it as a symbol and be eternally grateful
for the power of electric!
kristens explanation follows:
Dear Artventers,
Once upon a time I asked Karyl to let me have August 24
as my artvent day. Since my birthday is December 24 I thought
I might do a Christmas themed gift and it would be
"your Christmas and Artvent present" . This would have been a
play on the phrase, "This is your Christmas and birthday present."
a phrase I have heard once or twice. My procrastination had a
collision with the storms and subsequent blackout. I didn't even
get an idea for my gift till the Friday before they were due.
Since I had been thinking Christmas I had also been thinking
ornaments. I experimented with some polymer clay but that didn't
work for me--lucky that, since I lost power about 3 hours after that
experiment. After I lost power I decided I would hand sew whatever
ornaments I was going to make. Looking through my fabric stash
I not only found the fabric that you see before you --but-- I found
some fabric with Chinese lanterns on it. In the blackness a lone light
bulb appeared, if only in my head. I would make Christmas ornaments
that looked like Chinese lanterns. The joke to me was building 34 lanterns
and still not being able to see in the dark. So here is your Artvent gift,
Christmas ornament, and homage to the black out of 2006, hope you like it.

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