inspire me thursday/child's play

me and my baby sisters...another favorite snapshot by dad.
this is a loose page for an adventurous scrapbook project.

more child's play here


carla said...

This looks like a fun project! I love the added elements, especially the scrolls and the little labels. It's interesting how each of you have very different facial expressions...obviously three very different personalities. Really nice!

firstborn said...

awww, how sweet & whimsical!

i just realized this>>>we've got something in common>>>we're both firstborns, lol!

take care, mary ann :)

lindaharre said...

The family resemblence is remarkable......such pretty little faces:-D) Love all the photos posted and the methods used! You always set the mood with your photo posts.......xxxooo L.

melanie said...

what a darling trio :)

tiffinix said...

Adorable and what a great smile!!