artvent event!

pat brewer's offering to be opened august 26th...

a gathering of artists around the bounty!

a truly delightful experience,being in the same room with
wonderful,beautiful artist friends that i deeply admire and
just knowing that for the month of august(those dog days)
and a bit beyond,there will be one special piece of art goodness
to sink our teeth into each day!
i plan to document each gift,each day...

please stay tuned to this blog!!!


Pat said...

Hey Denise, Thanks for posting my offering, because, just as I was falling asleep last night, I realized that I had not signed any of my pieces, so, everyone, when you open #26, it's from Pat Brewer.
SIGH! And, thanks, Densie, for posting photos! Love ya. P

Sarah e.Smith said...

Oh how fun! i need to get myself to an event like this! Looking forward to eharing more about it! Cheers!