uhu...studio friday

among my lasting favorite art supplies,
above and beyond the tons of papers,
adhesives,paints and rubber stamps i
have collected through the years,these
invaluable tools stand alone:
1.a pressed glass water vessel.
2.a taper point clay shaper that i use to
"move" paint.
3.an amazing pair of scissors that have
been used senseless and are still up to the task.
4.this spatula for applying massive amounts of
molding paste over the course of time.
5.a set of french curves,particularly the long
graceful one.
6.my most prized bone folder,the one i use to spatter
paint...i consider it a work of art itself!
7.a cheap 2 inch wooden handled brush (i have actually
had this for many projects,a good cleaning,i'm attached
what can i say?)
8.at the ready,a tube of golden heavy body acrylic in
titan buff for toning down.
9.a sanding block
10.drum roll....my fav of all art supplies....the UHU gluestick,
i wish for one the size of a can of krylon matte finish,can't you just see it?!

see more cherished art supplies here


sf said...

Wow, the french curves are fab!
I have to get me some of those!!!
This is the most artful photo display of tools. Rather Zen actually.

naomi said...

Cool image.

dahlgirl said...

Yes! The uhu stick and good scissors are a must. I love your supplies still life.

tiffinix said...

I love how you did the photo - I agree with Sarah. That little hint of yellow . . .so fabulous you are! I will have to try the french curves - thank you for all the tips!

Lisa Marie said...

I love your photo of your favorites...it's a work of art in itself!

boliyou said...

you did a great job with the photo. I love the mix of color and b/w.

Stacia said...

Gluestick and bonefolder - two of my favorite things too. I think I might have to get a french curve for my supply box. Thanks for the tip!