funday sunday

a fraction of the haul...
corey,pat & i enjoyed a fruitful road trip yesterday!
with map in hand we headed to the collinsville rubberstamp
convention,thinking we would buzz in and out in no time flat.
welllllllll,not so...4 hours,heads full of happy inspiration and bags of
artful goodness later we headed back to st.louis,tossing around
some really great fall workshop ideas for rock,paper,scissors!
do stay tuned!
we ended our day nourishing ourselves with yummy sansai food
and kaldi coffee and cookies.
an entirely intoxicating day...thanks girlfriends!


Karyl said...

Hey, Denise!

It looks like some of that stuff cost you an arm and a leg...

Sorry...bad joke. I did my own damage at RPS on Friday, so I'm not feeling quite as envious as I could be!

lindaharre said...

lovin the milagros and the unmounted stamp in the front! sounds like you guys had a great time:) what fun......~L.

firstborn studio said...

you silly girl you!
wish you and nancy could have been with us,we missed you two!
p.s.i am envious of your impending alaskan cruise!enjoy every single deserve it!

Amy said...

I'm totally drooling over this snapshot of your haul! Looking forward to seeing what you create with it all :).