studio friday/time

"When we are in our studios.
I find that I can't be in there
everyday. Particularly when
I have just finished something
I feel drained and need a good
break. I also find that there are
only certain times of the day where
the juices get flowing. I'd be interested
to read/see what others think."

the second my foot passes through
the door of my studio...time has
no meaning.
my art space is a time warp of sorts,
where i can loose myself for probably
hours,without a second thought.
i find this to be a good and bad thing...
mostly it is a good thing!

*always a good time


Kim Carney said...

art space=time warp, that is great!

Ouissi Gresty said...

I love this analogy! It is a great feeling to be so caught up in what you are doing...

Ouissi x

Anonymous said...

jill said...a time warp is exactly what dh says about my studio and even he says it's a good thing. Can't argue with that :o)