inspire me thursday/open studio #2

.....................paste papers (you have created a monster,pat!)
...another piece of the puzzle!
after the 12th of august (i think) i will post what i made
using these paste papers. i am in a very unique swap with
a very talented group of st.louis (& surrounding areas) artists.
as i understand,please correct me if i am wrong on this,nancy
& karyl, the swap is called ARTVENT,like advent only taking
place in the summer,each participant is given a number,the
day of the month...then creates as many do-dadas as there are
swappers....we will gather at natalie's home to collect our 30ish
treats (endish of july),then in the comfort of our homes,each day
we will open one gift...i am so excited about this whole idea and i
am preparing myself to be amazed and delighted at the range of
creativity about to be bestowed on me!
soooo until august 13th i will not beable to post what i am fashioning
from the paste paper you see....but stay tuned!

inspire me thursday


artbyjune said...

Beautiful papers. Love your enthusiasm...

carla said...

Wow..these papers are gorgeous!

Karyl said...

"Artvent" it is, Denise! I'm glad that you're participating, that's for sure!